Henrik Knightingale on his Debut Play “In His Own Shadow” and How to Write a Compelling Story | The Cave of Apelles

The 22 year old playwright Henrik Knightingale has just released his debut play In His Own Shadow.
The play is set 150 years into the future, where a miracle happens: a new theater play is produced – and it is actually good! Can stories about love restore our faith in existence?
Knightingale sits down to talk about the craft of writing a story, how he overcomes the challenges of writing, and how he “kills his darlings”.
Putting his own play in context, he will also discuss the authors who spur him in his own writing, taking a look at the structure of Antigone and Cyrano de Bergerac.

Henrik Knightingale’s debut play “In His Own Shadow” is now available on Amazon:
🇺🇸 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CGYPVSZT
🇳🇴 https://t.ly/V7mzU

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Chapter markers:
00:00: Intro
01:14 Learning how to essentialize
04:03 Sense of Life
06:16 Knightingale’s play In His Own Shadow
11:45 The Shakespeare/Bacon theory
14:00 Questions unfold the plot
16:12 Starting to write
19:22 Causality, logic and internal consistency
27:59 The importance of a synopsis
31:40 Everything must serve a function
33:22 Climax and the inevitable
39:00 Developing the villain and killing your darlings
47:23 Subplots and double meaning
53:40 Learning how to write from Leonard Peikoff
56:07 “Plot theme” keeps you on track
59:48 Opposition, stakes and key concepts
1:05:08 “A nest of characters at each others’ throat”
1:08:02 Trusting the audience
1:16:05 What is most vulnerable
1:19:28 The importance of being important

This episode featured Henrik Knightingale & Jan-Ove Tuv and was filmed and edited by Bork Nerdrum.
The centerpiece was a reproduction of Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich.

Fergus Ryan
Matthias Proy

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