The Lost Rembrandt Medium? | Jannik Hösel Shares His Painting Method | The Cave of Apelles

In a world where options for an education in classical crafts are scarce, some decide to take on a more difficult and empirical approach. Being self-taught and learning by observation, Jannick Hösel is one of them, and now he has entered Odd Nerdrum’s studio where emphasis is placed on philosophy and the ability to convey a gripping story on the canvas.
Starting his paintings in a muted, cool tone, Hösel’s method allows for a great potency of the subsequent application of warmer colors.
At the time being, he is infused by the dark and torn-up portraits of Rembrandt, and is doing everything in his power to repossess the effect of the Dutch master’s technique.
Using a thick, cream-like medium, he is able to apply small, textured strokes calmly melting together, yet retaining a life-like surface with a delicious vibrancy.
Despite a meticulous method, his paintings take on the impression of weariness and age.
During Jan-Ove Tuv’s latest stay at the Nerdrums, Hösel was kind enough to demonstrate his technique by mixing the medium and showcasing how the strokes behave differently.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Making an egg-based painting medium
  • How to go lean to fat with this medium
  • Achieving a Rembrandtesque surface

You will also learn how this medium:

  • Makes for a strong paint film
  • Does not go matte (seems wet when dry)
  • Allows soft transitions and great contrasts
  • Allows new strokes on top of wet layers
  • Allows you to scrape forth hair, like Rembrandt

The medium shown in this video is based on the medium of Osamu Obi:
Osamu Obi’s paper on the subject:

▶️ Full video:
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Video by Bork Nerdrum

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Matthias Proy
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  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"