Ep 29 — Jonas Landstad on Piss Mythology and other Occult Mushroom beliefs from Ancient times | The Cave of Apelles

Ep 29 — Jonas Landstad on Piss Mythology and other Occult Mushroom beliefs from Ancient times

Jonas Landstad is a painter with a keen interest in the Mediterranean mystery cults.
Defending timelessness is more important than ever, as gatekeepers of culture, probing your moral purity, aim for total control.
The solution might just lie in the individual communion with eternal principles.
According to Landstad, this is exactly what happened in the Renaissance.
He is a painter concerned with how storytellers can improve by implementing the mystical perspective.

Jonas Landstad and Jan-Ove Tuv in the studio.

✨ Watch the BONUS-material where Tuv and Landstad continued their conversation, touching on subjects such as Divine inspiration VS Mental Illness and the Death of the Museum:
▶️ https://bit.ly/2QjIlHJ


The conversation was hosted by Jan-Ove Tuv and was produced by Bork S. Nerdrum, with assistance from Sebastian Salvo and Cassander Straumsgaard.
The centerpiece was a self-portrait by Jonas Landstad.

Self-portrait by Jonas Landstad in his own designed frame, hanging on the wall for the conversation.
Detail of the frame.

Dean Anthony
Fergus Ryan
Anders Berge Christensen
Jared Fountain
Michael Irish
Shaun Roberts
Stacey Evangelista
Alastair Blain
Erik Lasky
Hårek Jordal Andreassen
Trym Jordahl

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  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"