Dionysian-Apollonian Duality, The Janus Face, and Androgyny in Paintings | The Cave of Apelles

Jan-Ove Tuv and Sebastian Salvo sit down to talk about the meeting between opposites as a tool to make great stories.

▶ Full video: https://bit.ly/3ayLtXm

This is a preview of an episode from the 🔥 Dark Flame series. To get access to the full conversation and more exclusive material, become a $5 patron at https://patreon.com/caveofapelles

The conversation was hosted by Jan-Ove Tuv and Sebastian Salvo, and was produced by Bork S. Nerdrum, with assistance from Jikke Gruwel.

The centerpiece was a 19th century reproduction of G. F. Watts’ Hope. On the shelf were a Roman bust of a boy, a bust of Aristotle, and Pallas Athena.

Dean Anthony
Michael Irish
Shaun Roberts
Jared Fountain
Anders Berge Christensen
Stacey Evangelista
Alastair Blain
Erik Lasky
Fergus Ryan

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3 years ago

for artists your teaching is very best
Metin yasarturk art5 – YouTube

  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"