Ep 34 — Andreas Hardhaug Olsen on Critical Theory, False Consciousness and the Frankfurt School | The Cave of Apelles

Andreas Hardhaug Olsen is a writer, visiting The Cave to talk about the connection between Social Justice activism and «Critical Theory», an intellectual product of The Frankfurt School.

He sits down with Tuv to discuss what happens to culture when «objectivity» is deemed an oppressive tool, and dissent is fiercely attacked – or at best dismissed as «false consciousness».

«Wokeness» being a major threat to «creative freedom», knowledge of its principles and origin is fundamental to survival.

Olsen also delves into the thinkers who originated this mentality, and how it is being employed.

Hardhaug Olsen’s Reading list:

* Herbert Marcuse, Repressive Tolerance: https://www.marcuse.org/herbert/publications/1960s/1965-repressive-tolerance-fulltext.html
* Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimenstional Man: https://www.akademika.no/one-dimensional-man/marcuse-herbert/9780415289771
* Georg Lukács, History and Class Consciousness: https://www.bokkilden.no/sosial-og-kulturhistorie/history-and-class-consciousness-georg-lukacs/produkt.do?produktId=2250341
* Martin Jay, The Dialectical Imagination: https://www.bokklubben.no/moderne-filosofi-etter-1800/the-dialectical-imagination-martin-jay/produkt.do?produktId=424096
* Thomas Sowell, The Quest for Cosmic Justice: https://www.adlibris.com/no/bok/the-quest-for-cosmic-justice-9780684864631
* F. A. Hayek, The Mirage of Social Justice: https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/L/bo5970048.html
* Helen Pluckrose & James Lindsay, Cynical Theories: https://www.tanum.no/_cynical-theories-helen-pluckrose-james-lindsay-9781800750043

The conversation was produced by Bork S. Nerdrum, with assistance from Sebastian Salvo.
The centerpiece was a reproduction of Thomas Cole’s painting “The Course of Empire – Destruction”.

Dean Anthony
Fergus Ryan
Anders Berge Christensen
Stacey Evangelista
Alastair Blain
Shaun Roberts
Michael Irish
Sofia Xiang
Peter Asinger
Herman Borge
Jack Entz Warner
Tonelise Rugaas
Yngve Hellan

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    "I paint for eternity"