Is Figurative Painting Coming Back or are we Trapped in Modernism? | David Molesky & Jan-Ove Tuv | The Cave of Apelles

The question as been asked over and over for decades: Is figurative painting coming back?
David Molesky and Jan-Ove Tuv sit down to discuss the possibilities and problems with the current trends and what it truly takes to change the tide.

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Chapter markers:
00:01 What kind of “figuration”
02:06 A better situation
05:03 Cross-over painters
10:12 Wyeth & Nerdrum vs. Currin & Freud
12:51 AI and painting vs. humanism
15:58 Artification and American iconoclasm
19:53 Our nature does not change
25:20 Two types of figuration
29:42 Trained in sentimentality
34:55 Galleries vs. cooperating with architects
39:28 Lumped in with the wrong kind of work
42:46 Originality is for aliens




This episode featured David Molesky & Jan-Ove Tuv and was filmed and edited by Bork Nerdrum.
The centerpiece was a 19th century reproduction of G. F. Watts’ Hope.

Fergus Ryan
Shaun Roberts
Matthias Proy
Børge Moe
Eivind Josten


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  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"