Painting a Portrait from Live Model in One Hour | Demonstration by Hjalmar Hagelstam | The Cave of Apelles

In the course of the Pandemic, a young draughtsman and painter from Finland has proven his talent with narrative portraits and studies from live models. Aiming for the Classical Greek ideal, he is already well-equipped, having studied painting with Odd Nerdrum and sculpture at the Florence Academy. His name is Hjalmar Hagelstam.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Starting off with strong colors and contrast
  • Focusing on pose, mood and atmosphere in the first session
  • Great tips on how to paint eyes, the nose and the mouth
  • Smudging with your fingers to pacify transitions
  • Introducing contrapposto to achieve impression of movement


▶️ Full video:
🎵 Full audio:

Video filmed and edited by Bork S. Nerdrum
Featuring Jan-Ove Tuv, Magnus Vanebo & Hjalmar Hagelstam

Fergus Ryan
Shaun Roberts
Viorel Trandafir
Matthias Proy
Dean Anthony
Børge Moe
Eivind Josten
Alastair Blain
Anders Berge Christensen
Erik Lasky
Fernando Ramirez
Herman Borge
Iver Ukkestad
Jack Entz Warner
Jared Fountain
Marion Bu-Pedersen
Maurice Robbins
Misty DeLaine
Richard Barrett
Michael Irish
Stacey Evangelista
Tonelise Rugaas
Trym Jordahl
Yngve Hellan

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  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"