Everything Starts With the Columns | Architect Nils Freckeus on Beauty and Classical Principles | The Cave of Apelles

The young architect has already made a mark on one of Sweden’s cities by winning a competition to build a housing complex in multiple classical styles. Nils Freckeus has a strictly classical approach and aspires to work like the old building masters.

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Chapter markers:
00:00 Introduction
01:14 Columns not allowed!
05:05 The problem of complaining
09:48 Freckeus’ first place in a municipal architecture competition
16:41 “Our time” is what you make of it
18:13 Sticking to the classical principles
19:45 Everything starts with the columns!
26:27 Beauty is recognizing nature…?
28:32 Freckeus’ Nobel center in Stockholm
32:26 The tactics of pushing modernist buildings
37:20 “Classical”, “traditional” or “classicism”?
43:00 Reflecting the time? Rebuilding The Notre Dame in Paris
49:43 Corbusier’s five conservative rules
53:08 The eastern idea of “copying”
59:00 Fear, boredom & lack of confidence
1:04:03 Classical: sustainability in material, style and economy
1:11:33 Regulations and the big developers
1:15:32 “Humans are beautiful – architecture should be too”
1:21:57 Built not by gods, but by human beings

This episode featured Nils Freckeus & Carl Korsnes and was filmed and edited by Bork Nerdrum.
The centerpiece was a study drawing of a Nobel Center in Stockholm by Nils Freckeus, based on an idea by Ferdinand Boberg.

Fergus Ryan
Matthias Proy
Børge Moe

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  • Apelles was asked why he touched and retouched his pictures with so much care, to which he replied:
    "I paint for eternity"